Douglas AZ

B-17F "Skunkface" nose artPOW Murdered by SS

2nd Lt Billy Huish had survived the crash of his B-17 "Skunkface," had escaped German captors, and for two months evaded re-capture as he looked for a way out of German to neutral lines. But, stories of heroes don't always have a happy ending. Huish, one of three Huish familes to die in WW II, was murdered by SS troopers, along with seven other American aviators. Click on the photo to read more.

Tucson AZ

The Korea Honor Rolls Monument at the Tucson Sports Complex is a very nice obelisk holding the names of 83 Pima County sons that gave their lives.

One small plaque honors four clerics that truly upheld the tenets of their religious beliefs when they gave their own lives to save others. The are "The Four Chaplains."  Click on the plaque at left to learn more.

Is Moto-Touring A Haiku ?


Gold Hill, NC (August 5, 2017) -  I've been planning this New England loop for a while, and I'm excited about it. Although I have been in every state there, I have never had the opportunity to really explore and appreciate those historical venues that captured my imagination as a boy. 

August Tour Updates.

(August 16) - Phippsburg, ME

Spent Monday night camped at a Boat launch along US-2 north of Bangor. Tuesday was a 400 mile slog along US-1. That road is a slow, congested, nightmare at both the southern and northern ends. I'm glad to be done with it.

Today starts with visit to memorials at campus of Bowdin College, the Maine statehouse, and the USS Ruben James memorial in Portland. RON somewhere in New Hampshire tonight.


(August 13) Sharon VT.

Going very slowly. St Johnsbury tonight and will post more there.


August 11) - Fairfax, VT.  350 Miles today and weather was beautiful till reaching campground. Light rain is falling and I think it will continue into morning. Nothing like a street cleanin gulley washer, just enough to make yer shorts bunch up in odd places, if you get my drift.

Could not find monument in North Hero, VT. I think my research source was wrong. Also passed up on Isle LaMotte. Traffic was getting heavy and I felt like it would have been a push to try.

Northern New York has some very boring roads, and gas pitches are outrageous. Saw one station this afternoon at $2.79 a gallon... I didn't stop! Vermont seems to be running about $2.39 a gallon. 

US-2 down Vermont's Grand Isle simply stinks. Really. I think every dairy farmer in the state is located on this road. Makes it difficult to enjoy Lake Champlain scenery.

Well, rain has slacked off, off to bed for a few hours rest. If you are on US-7, or any other routes on the itinerary.. Wave me down, or follow me to the next monument.


(August 9) - Three days on the road without a shower makes one ripe enough that the skunks walk cautiously away from me... Thankfully I am staying tonight at the Comfort Inn at Jamestown, NY. Tomorrow I head to Lake Erie via Buffalo and then east toward Plattsburgh. Weather looks good and I am feeling healthy.

Monday the Blue Ridge Parkway was chilly, wet, and at times in the clouds. Goy a few really nice gorge shots and will post them at the end of the trip. Camped in Waynesboro, VA, along the public greenway in an area reserved for hikers of the Appalachian Trail. Very peaceful, except for a local plant that fires ups at 6 AM.. At least I was able to get an early start northbound.

Tuesday ended at Salisbury, PA, where a SAC B-52, "Buzz1-4" crashed in January 1964. A visit to the American Legion Post got me into a conversation with two veterans that were teens at the time and rembered the crash vividly. Not only was I able to visit a memorial where one of the crew died, the Post Commander made it possible for me to camp just 200 yards from that spot. It got cold last night, reminding me of the sacrifice made by TSgt Melvin Wooten during a blizzard when his aircraft came apart at altitude. 

Jamestown is the hometown of the late Lucille Ball. Her image and that of Desi Arnaz are found all around town. If you are in the area try to stay a day and visit the museum, maybe you can help make a new commercial for Vita VutaVegamin...

More in a few days. Flag me down if you see TOUR US along Lake Erie.



WooHoo - Remission Continues !

{July 27, 2017) - It has been over 26 months since finishing the last round of radiation and chemo. Since then I have ridden up to VAMC Durham for monitoring CT scans and blood work every three months. The most recent round of tests and consults was completed Tuesday.

August 2017 Route Planning


These are the planned stops, routes, and ETA's. Stops may be dropped or added, and routes and times altered at any time. I will attempt to update via Twitter notices @Lee_Wonnacott. If time and 'Net access is available I will update here. If you plan on meeting me at a particular memorial, or want to ride a leg, send a text to 704-418-6729 to confirm. I check for text messages before leaving every stop. All other methods of communication, including email and DM, may be unreliable during tour days. 

Average distance between stops is under 37 miles. Normal riding days will cover approximately 300 miles. Click the "Read More" tab to see itinerary breakdown by state. 

Do You Twitter?

It's a far smaller number of followers than well known celebrities and politicians, but I now have over 2,000 followers on the @Lee_Wonnacott Twitter account. When touring I make itinerary updates at least twice a day, and while at home I try to tweet each time a new memorial is posted or updated.

If you have a Twitter account and don't yet follow - please do. 


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