A $15 Offer Dedicates a County to YOUR Honored Veteran


Gold Hill, NC - In order for me to finish this project within a reasonable time I must now ask for support from those that understand and appreciate the goals of the tour - to honor and remember our military veterans. 

There are 3,059 counties in the lower 48 states to visit and it would be my greatest pleasure to have each of the introduction pages dedicated in remembrance of an American military veteran. All it takes to have your honored veteran remembered on one of these pages is a small offer of $15 or more. 


Click on the graphic above and the link takes you to PayPal, where you may place your support amount. Be sure your proper email address is included so that I may contact you to get complete information on your veteran. You may send information to me directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - and make sure I have your mailing address. 

Ride Along With Me - I am extremely happy when your presence allows me to learn more about those named on the monuments visited. 

This is NOT a parade, a large group ride, or an occassion to bring hundreds of riders together with flags flying and a police escort present. The goal is to visit a memorial or two in each county and respectfully document the monument in a manner that gives reverence and honor.  I am not responsible for any accident or injury you may incur while riding along with me. I am not promoting anything other than remembrance of our veterans through the documenation of the memorial areas that honor them. 

See you on the road !