GAR & SCV Monuments

US-441 at New York Ave
St Cloud, Osceola County



"In memory of
The Grand Army of The Republic
and those
Union Veterans
who in 1909 settled the
'Wonder City'
St. Cloud, Florida"


"Jacob Summerlin Camp #1516
St Cloud, Florida
 22 April 2006


'Let us pass over the river,
and rest under the shade of the trees.
- General Thomas J "Stonewall" Jackson' " 



Tour Notes


Upon reaching this park I immediately knew there was something special here. Proudly erected in one corner of the park is a memorial to the Grand Army of The Republic. I've seen these obelisks all over the northern states, but this was my first in the deep south. It's explained that a large number of those damn Yankees came south near the turn of the century and settled in this area. In fact, enough of them came here that Lucius L Mitchell Post 34 GAR enrolled the second largest number of Union Veterans in the nation. So, for every Florida native that complains about the snowbirds, here is the answer to how it all got started - they walked south to fight a few battles against the Rebels and uncovered a secret, Florida winters are pretty easy on the old bones!

These old veterans must have been friends, or at least tolerated each other. But I can't figure out WHY a stone from the first Ohio state capitol building has been placed here. Was somebody prodding them rascal Rebels just a bit? Or were the old Ohio veterans homesick?