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Veterans Memorial Plaza

Riverwalk South
Willing St
Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida






Dedicated November 11, 2004


This memorial is dedicated to the veterans of The United States of America -
America's heroes of centuries past and freedoms defenders of days to come.


History will long remember the sacrifices of America's heroic veterans,
and this memorial is dedicated to the honor, memory and respect
of those brothers and sisters who have
proudly and faithfully served this great nation.


This memorial also stands as a chronicle of
America's history and the importance of never forgetting.


May all who visit this memorial recognize and appreciate
the sacrifices and contributions America's veterans have made for all mankind."



Fallen, Not Forgotten"


"In honor of the
Merchant Marines
of World War II"



"In honor of the service and sacrifices of all U.S. war dogs
'The bond with a trude dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be'
-Konrad Lorenz"
"John O'Conner
VFW Post 4833"



"Dedicated to the recipients of this nation's oldest military decoration
The Purple Heart
My stone is red for the blood they shed
The medal I bear is my country's way to show they care.
If I could be seen by all mankind maybe peache will come in my lifetime
Erected by Chapter #566
Military Order of The Purple Heart"




Tour Notes


The obvious effort on display here was more than I expected and reflects the support of the community for the veterans of this area. 

Each of the major conflicts of American history are related in a way that shows the visitor the when and where, and also the numbers of those served, fallen, and wounded in relation to the total population of the time. Dong the math can be a stark reminded of how the defense of the country and its friends and allied nations has frequently fallen upon the shoulders of the few that answered the call to service. 

All around the plaza, and at the approaches, are little bits that make this a unique experience. Engraved paving bricks are a popular feature of memorials now, but how many have a section showing all of the amatuer radio opertors of the area? Milton has it, and a good number of the stations shown are veterans that likely learned their skills while in service. 

War Dogs Honored

Another feature is a monument to military war dogs. Most Americans are clueless when it comes to the value and working conditions of military K-9's. They relate to a Hollywood view, sort of a Rin-Tin-Tin goes to war version of the job of these dogs. A cute notion, but far from the reality.

Military working dogs have a far shortened life expectancy, and are exposed to many dangers we would never consider. The relationship with their handlers is an odd mixture of loyalty and training. The dogs don't know they are just another tool in the arsenal. The handlers have to accept up front the premise that the dog isn't a pet. It is an expendable weapon that must be given up on a moments notice, regardless of the affectionate bond between handler and dog. 






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