Honor Rolls

Main St Ext at US-219
Accident, Garrett County, Maryland



"Dedicated to veterans of all wars
American Legion Post 208
Accident, Maryland
May 30, 2005"

Tour Notes:


The families of small, sparsely populated counties, often give more than their fair share of sons and daughters to the honor rolls. The little town of Accident, Maryland, in Garrett County, is no exception. 

World War II claimed a pair of Garrett County men that I was able to confirm as brothers. PFC Odie Savage was two days short of his 30th birthday when he was killed in action on September 8, 1944. He was serving in France, and was unmarried. His younger brother, Pvt Irvin Savage, was killed in action just a few months later, during the assault on Guam, May 4th, 1945. He too was unmarried. 

A third man from Garrett County with the surname of Savage is also listed as killed in action, but I have been unable to determine their exact relationship, other than to confirm they were not brothers, and probably not first cousins. A cursory geneaological search shows the Savage surname was amont the pioneers of Garrett County, but I just wasn't able to track Irwin and Odie back very far.  Pvt Burlton H Savage was killed in action December 12, 1944, while serving with the 146th Inf 36 Div. 

The honor rolls and paving bricks around this memorial, show several other surnames in which there may be brothers or close cousins that served and sacrificed. If you have knowledge of these men and want their stories more fully explained, just drop me a note with the details.