American Veterans Park

E Walnut St at Main St
West Point, Cuming County, Nebraska


"In Memoriam"
"One Nation Under God
The strength of our nation comes from our military
The strength of our military comes from our veterans
The strength of our veterans comes from their families
We recognize that no one has given more
for our nation than the families of our fallen veterans"x



Tour Notes:

I am not going to transcribe all of the inscriptions found at this memorial area, there are just too many of them and doing some but not all seems disrespectful. So I will just ask that you spend some time carefully looking at all of the images I have collected. Not long ago this lot had an old house standing on it, run down and certainly an eyesore. Somehow the property was acquired and this park installed. I have no doubt it took a lot of effort and even more money. The memorial is an incredible testimony to the respect this town has for its veterans. I see the realization that veterans ARE neighbors and friends; the merchant down the street, the fireman manning the trucks, the dairy farmers. Veterans are everywhere if you know how to look for them.

There are two statues here that, if you are paying attention and being drawn into the memorial experience, will bring a sober thought to your mind. The first is a life size depiction of a soldier returning from deployment. His wife has  jumped into his arms as he looks into the eyes he has not seen for ages... and his young daughter is hugging Daddy's legs, just happy to have 'her' family back together. This statue stands about halfway into the park. Visitors taking in the scene casually walk toward the back, probably sharing the joy of them moment. It's a good and pleasant moment. For those of us that have deployed there is no explanation needed - the memories are flooding back.

WestPointNE 045Then, as visitors reach the back wall, where the five service seals each hold a folded flag and a stone that says "In Memorian" another statue comes to view. This time there is just one figure, the wife , , , the elated figure in the first statue. She is kneeling and holds a folded flag - at the grave of 'her' soldier. I had to walk back to the first statue to look at the face, confirming this is the same woman. It is. More than any other memorial I have visited, these two statues bring home the seriousness of service as it relates to the service members family. We all give something as we serve. And for those that have given all, the service never ends until the last of those families have themselves passed away. 



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