Civil War Memorial

Harlan St at E 7th St
Ponca, Dixon County, Nebraska


"Sacred to the memory of the boy who wore the blue uniform
1861 - 1865
Erected Sep 1923, by Stoneman Post No. 118
and Stoneman Corp N|o 118 of Ponca, Dixon Co, Nebraska
May the nation hold in grateful remembrance
the sacrifice made to preserve the nation"
"Loss of lives
in North from 1861 to 1865
Loss in South  349,556"   
 "Soldiers who died overseas
Dixon Co. Neb.
by ??  Anderson"



Tour Notes

The locals working at the cemetery directory kiosk were of little help finding this memorial. They thought this was an "unknown soldier" monument. I got the impression they had no clue about veterans in the county and didn't really care - but those cute little flags made the place look good for Memorial Day. Really, the cluelessnes of some citizens, even those that are deeply involved in civic activities, is astounding. 

As I am writing this up and editing the photos, i realize that one of the stones is dedicated to Gold Star veterans of World War I, although the stone itself does not mention that conflict. I was able to located limited information about three county men:  Louie P Koch  Clifford Ryan  and Adolph Backman. It seems that each was likely well established in their communities and their loss was felt for years afterwards. At least one was returned home for burial, even thought it took nearly five years for the casket to arrive. 




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