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Trumball County WW II Honor Rolls 

Monument Park
101 Mahoning Ave
Warren, Trumball County, Ohio






Dedicated to

all Trumball County

Women Veterans

Past and Present


Honor to your country

You have served, sacrificed

and suffered. Your patriotis

and courage is greatly appreciated"




"Erected by the 
Daisy Lampkin Home and Garden Club
to the memory of those who served 
and gave their lives in World War II
1941 - 1945
Negro soldiers lost from service 
in Trumball County"


"1941 - 1945
Dedicated to the valiant men and women
Copperweld Steel Company
who served their country and the cause
of freedom in World War II
Lost in Service"
Exprisoner of War
We help those who 
cannot help themselves"